Mike Marcantonio was appointed to the Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau Alcohol Awareness Advisory Committee by former Governor Dukakis in the early 1980’s.  The function or this committee was, in part, to run educational programs in Massachusetts on the dangers of alcohol use and to explore solutions to minimize risks associated with such usage.  One of his jobs on the committee was to research alcohol server training programs that were available in the United States.  In performing that job, in approximately 1984, he found the TIPS® Program.

In 1984 Mike took the TIPS® Training Program.  He was one of the first TIPS® trained individuals in Massachusetts.  Mike furthered his TIPS® education.  He became a TIPS® Master Trainer.  One of his job functions for the past 20+ years has been to train servers of alcohol according to national standards of practice and to become TIPS® certified.

Mike has trained over 40,000 servers of alcohol to become TIPS® certified.  He has provided TIPS® training to establishments in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.  He has also trained over 1,500 TIPS® trainers who, themselves, train servers of alcohol to become TIPS® certified.

He has developed and lectured at Alcohol Awareness Programs dealing with the issues described above for Cities, Towns and Police Departments in the State of Massachusetts.

As part of his TIPS® training and experience, he has become aware of the peer reviewed studies and articles which serve as the scientific bases for TIPS® and which address the issues of:

  • The effect alcohol consumption has on individuals;
  • The visible cues which accompany the consumption of alcohol generally and at various blood alcohol levels, specifically;
  • The stages of impairment and intoxication which accompany the use of alcohol;
  • The consumption rate factors which influence the affect alcohol consumption has on individuals; and
  • The proper server intervention and fake identification procedures required by the standards of care, which exists for all providers of alcohol.
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